A Virtual Campus for the RLS-Aerospace Network

Training alliance supports regions and brings talent into the aerospace sector


Connecting regions through education and training

Skilled people for a global aerospace sector

The aerospace sector is one of the most important drivers of innovation in the modern world. Factors such as globalisation and limited financial resources are exerting a high level of competitive pressure on all market players. In order to be successful, companies and institutions need access to plenty of skilled people and an environment which facilitates scientific discourse.

The Global Aerospace Campus, with its scientific events and its planned range of online courses, provides access to existing expertise in the field of aerospace and promotes regional research and educational activities.

Connecting regions through education and training
Skilled people for a global aerospace sector

A driving force for innovation

Teaching, research and networking as strong pillars of a sustainable aerospace sector

The Global Aerospace Campus will provide a range of online courses for the aerospace sector. This will increase the learning opportunities and boost the exchange of knowledge and ideas among participating partners. It is a driving force for innovation, making the scientific research accessible to a wider public, providing better access to experts, and bringing research and teaching closer together.

Global Aerospace Summit

The Global Aerospace Campus relies on the expertise and engagement of all the members of the RLS Aerospace Network, who develop relevant content and publish it within this framework. In-person events provide additional opportunities for collaboration. To this end, member regions organise an RLS Aerospace Event every year.

The first meeting, on the theme of Green Aerospace, was held in summer 2017 at the Ludwig Bölkow Campus in Munich. In 2018, Quebec will host the Global Aerospace Summit. In 2019, São Paolo will run the event. Every event has a clear focus on a research theme chosen by the region in question, and strengthens the community network.

The Virtual Aerospace Campus has Online Courses with contributions from each partner region. And it is a publishing plattform for latest content and research.

The Network includes Summer Events focused around selected research topics determined by a different region each year. And it serves as a presentation plattform for researchers.


Global expertise ‘to go’

From knowledge database to study programme

The online courses generally consist of videos, detailed further information, tests and discussion forums where students can get in contact with each other and share experiences. The courses are the key tool used by the Global Aerospace Campus to provide access to the expertise within the RLS Aerospace Network.

In the medium term, the goal is to create an extensive database of all the online courses developed by the aerospace experts from the RLS Aerospace Network’s partner regions. The long term goal is for the participating universities to establish a fully-fledged Global Aerospace Masters course, including its own mobility programme and work experience placement.


RLS-Sciences pool complementary strengths

An alliance of renowned partners from seven regions and five continents

The Regional Leaders’ Summit promotes academic, scientific and technological exchange and helps initiate and implement bilateral and multi-regional research projects. The ‘Regional Leaders’ Summit’ regions include: the German state of Bavaria, the Brazilian state of São Paulo, the American state of Georgia, the Canadian province of Quebec, the South African province of Western Cape, the Austrian state of Upper Austria and the Chinese province of Shandong.

Universities and companies in the RLS-Sciences have distinguished themselves through their research and teaching, as well as being key centres for aerospace technology in the industrial sector. By working together as part of the RLS Aerospace training alliance, their position in this innovative research and industrial sector will be strengthened and secured for the long term.

The regional leaders of the ‘Regional Leaders’ Summit’ organise a biennial summit, in order to map out political perspectives and strategies for the sustainable development of society, the economy and the environment. At the 2016 summit in Munich, the following resolution was passed:

Aerospace – a virtual campus

11. In order to strengthen the specialized training of aerospace engineers, researchers and industrial experts from our regions have come together to build a new online training platform with virtual and in-person components. Training modules reflecting the regional specializations will be generated and shared with the other regions.

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  • Federal State Bavaria
    Country: Germany
    Capital: Munich
    Population: 12.5 m

  • Province Québec
    Country: Canada
    Capital: Québec City
    Population: 7.6 m

  • Federal State São Paulo
    Country: Brazil
    Capital: São Paulo
    Population: 42 m

  • Federal State Georgia
    Country: USA
    Capital: Atlanta
    Population: 9.7 m

  • Province Western Cape
    Country: South Africa
    Capital: Cape Town
    Population: 5.2 m

  • Province Shandong
    Country: China
    Capital: Jinan
    Population: 94.7 m

  • Federal State Upper Austria
    Country: Austria
    Capital: Linz
    Population: 1.4 m

  • RLS-Fact Box:
    The regions are home for 177 million people representing a Gross Domestic Product of more than 3,000 billion US$. Between the partner regions, more than 600 projects have been implemented on a bilateral and multiregional level.

Aerospace summit:
combined international expertise

Networking campaign for scientists

Since 2016, in addition to the regular political ‘Regional Leaders’ Summits’, aerospace scientists from the partner regions have also been organising more and more of their own events. Annual events are planned:

  • 2019


    3rd Global Aerospace Summit in Sao Paulo

  • 10 - 11 May 2018


    2nd Global Aerospace Summit in Montréal
    Aerospace Sustainable Technologies to Address Industry 4.0 Challenges

  • 26 – 28 June 2017


    Munich Aerospace Summer Summit (1st Global Aerospace Summit in Bavaria)
    Green Aerospace. Towards Sustainable Aeronautics and Space Technologies

    In June 2017, scientists, industry representatives and doctoral students from all the partner regions came together at the Ludwig Bölkow Campus near Munich to discuss Green Aerospace topics.

    Speakers: Professor Klaus Drechsler (TUM/Munich Aerospace), Dr Frank Anton (Siemens), Professor Hany Moustapha/Professor Francois Garnier (ETS Montreal), Hans Steininger (MT Aerospace), Professor Fernando Catalano (University of Sao Paulo), Davina di Cara (ESA), Professor Oskar Haidn (TUM), Dr Fassi Kafyeke (Bombardier), Johannes Stuhlberger (Airbus), Professor Udo Helmbrecht (ENISA/UniBw/Munich Aerospace), Professor Markus Rapp (DLR), Dr. Japie Engelbrecht (Stellenbosch University), Professor Suresh Menon (GeorgiaTech).

  • 22 – 25 June 2016


    Munich Aerospace Summer School
    Flying Robotos. Concepts and Challenges of Aerial Autonomy

    For the first time, doctoral students from the partner regions came together for an event in Herrsching at Lake Ammer in Bavaria.